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Law Multimedia Room

    Take a virtual tour of the U.S. Supreme Court building.
by Northwestern University

    Listen to LawTalk
by Indiana University on the subjects of U.S. Constitution, Business Law, Civil Law, and Criminal Law. (RealPlayer required)

    Copyrights and Wrongs - just for fun (RealPlayer required)
courtesy of Freespeech Internet TV
         Watch   Listen

Here's a list of movies that have "something" to do with law students, lawyers or the courtroom. These are just the ones I've watched. Please email to share with me your favourite law movies.

A Time to Kill

The Client

Devil's Advocate

The Firm

Getting up and Going Home



In The Name of The Father

Laws of Gravity

My Cousin Vinny

Matter of Degrees

Paper Chase

People vs. Larry King

Pelican Brief

Punch the Clock

Primal Fear


Restless Conscience

Roe vs. Wade

To Race the Wind


Witness for the Prosecution

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